Westin Sandy Andy - 23cm - 150gm

  • Length 23cm
  • Weight 150gm
  • Pack contains 1 complete lure plus spare body
  • Designed with overseas lure fishing in mind
  • Active eyes
  • Seductive and throbbing swimming action
  • Super durable finish
  • Perfect for heavier lure fishing on shore or afloat
  • Hand painted detailed colours
  • Ultra sharp Japanese hook
  • Super soft material allows for extra flexibility

19.99 (inc vat)

In stock

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A highly effective lure for Nowegian cod, coalfish, pollack and even halibut. The realistic swimming action can be felt pulsing through the rod tip, thanks to the oversized paddle tail. The realistic hand painted colours used give a fantastic finish and the Tobis Ammo in particular does look incredibly life like.

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