Yamashita King Egi-OH Live Search - #3.5

Yamashita King Egi-OH Live Search - #3.5

  • Length - 105mm
  • Weight - 21.5gm
  • Sink rate - 2.8sec/m
  • Genuine Japanese designed lures
  • Fantastically well-made
  • 600hz rattle - scientifically proven to be the optimum frequency
  • 490 GLOW UV flash optimised to the most sensitive area of the squid's vision
  • Exclusive warm jacket keeps the lure 0.5C to 1C warmer than the surrounding sea water
  • Slim nose design to give an improved darting action
  • Deadly for both squid and cuttlefish
  • Range of sizes and colours to suit different conditions
  • Sharp stainless steel double crown hooks
  • Sold singly

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Yamashita have taken yet another revolutionary step in squid lure fishing by discovering the sound frequency that attracts the squid the most!
The Yamashita Q LIVE SEARCH squid jigs feature a number of unique features but what really sets this jig apart from the rest is the 600hz rattle inside the body. Yamashita enlisted the help of a leading Japanese University and after much research they discovered that squid can detect sounds between 400hz and 1400hz. Within this range 600hz was the optimum level which gets squid the most interested so this was the frequency which Yamashita fitted to the Q Live Search. Add to this the 490 GLOW UV flash, again optimised to the most sensitive area of the squid's acute vision, plus the already proven Warm Jacket - (Thermo storage cloth which will transfer any light, either natural or artificial, into heat for a more natural appeal.) and you have a jig which squid and cuttlefish find hard to resist.
Other features are super sharp stainless steel double crown hooks and Yamashita's patented Slim Nose design which helps impart a sharp darting action (more action with less effort from the angler).

Sink rate 2.8 seconds per metre.

Yamashita colour guide

  • 011 Flash - A colour that adds elements of light to a natural royal road colour. It appeals to the distant squid for the existence of egi, and it appeals naturally to the squid that is approaching.
  • 045 Ocean Blue - A combination of blue that dissolves in water and silver holo tape that has a flushing effect. Effective during daytime and clear tide, and in situations with many baits.
  • 046 olive gold - A combination of natural-coloured olives and high appealing gold tape. One that is effective during the day.
  • 047 Cosmo Black - A combination of purple and black that can be used for silhouette effects. At first glance, it is a sober colour, but the silhouette clearly emerges even in the dark night, and the side emission is more pronounced.
  • 048 Flash Sardine - A natural colour sardine combined with 490 Glow. One that has both flashing and light emission and appeal, and can be used regardless of the situation.

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