Yamashita Egi Q Live - #2.0

  • Genuine Japanese designed lures
  • Size #2.0
  • Weight 6.5gm
  • Length 65mm
  • Sink rate 6.5 ~ 7.0 seconds per metre
  • Small size ideal early season or for small squids
  • Fantastically well made
  • Exclusive warm jacket keeps the lure 0.5C to 1C warmer than the surrounding sea water
  • Deadly for both squid and cuttlefish
  • Range of sizes and colours to suit different conditions
  • Super sharp double crown hooks
  • Sold singly

10.00 (inc vat)

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Squid 'fishing' is gaining popularity here in the UK but we are still streets behind the Japanese who have turned 'Egi' into an art form. Yamashita are one of the leading producers of squid lures and the Q Live is a fantastically well made and well designed lure which has been proven to work when other lures fail to catch.
The main feature of the Q Live is the special 'Heating up Cloth' or 'warm jacket' outer coating which keeps the jig between 0.5C to 1C warmer than the surrounding sea water. The squid and cuttlefish use this heat to detect their prey and it helps them to home in onto your lure, hence why Q Live will often catch when other lures fail.

Using these lures is an art in itself and the Japanese design a huge range to suit different styles and situations so we have selected just a small sample to suit normal UK use. Sink and draw is the standard method and the different sizes sink at different speeds to allow you to cope with various depths and tide flows. Fishing the jig under a float is another successful technique which helps to keep the jig at the correct depth and can reduce snagging over rocky sea beds. Different colours also help depending on the water clarity.

the quality of finish on these jigs is superb and the stainless hooks are needle sharp and secured with metal bands to ensure that hooked squid stay hooked.

#2.0 - 6.5gm - Sink rate 6.5 to 7.0 seconds per metre.

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Yamashita Egi Q Live - #2.0

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Bought a squid lure. Very competitive price thank you.

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