Fiiish Black Minnow 70 No1 6gm Combo

  • Length 70mm
  • Head - 6gm Offshore
  • Top selling soft lure
  • 70mm size perfect for LRF
  • Weedless design
  • 3 piece design with spare heads, bodies and hooks available
  • Superb from boat or shore
  • Will catch ALL predatory species, both salt and freshwater
  • pack contains 1 x complete lure plus spare body

6.50 (inc vat)

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70mm - 6gm head
The Fiiish Black Minnow has proved to be a very popular lure with French bass anglers and its popularity has now moved across the channel to the UK.
The Fiiish Black Minnow consists of three parts; A weighted head, Weed less hook and soft body. This 70 Combo comes 'ready rigged' so all you need to do is attach it to your line and catch fish! A spare body is included and additional bodies, heads and hooks are available separately
Use this smaller size on a light outfit and jig it around structure or cast out when bass, mackerel etc are driving whitebait onto the shore
The Fiiish Black Minnow has a really attractive action which is created by a combination of the supple body, large paddle tail. The main factor which differentiates the Fiiish Black Minnow from most other soft baits is the 'articulated' head. This means that the hook and jig head are separate and the join between the two parts allows a degree of movement which helps to make this such an effective lure.
The hook sits in a grove in the top of the body making the Fiiish Black minnow weed less so it can be used in spots where other soft baits can struggle with loose weed etc.
It can be fished in a number of different ways including straight retrieve, sink and draw and bouncing on the sea bed.

Colour Kaki/silver

Each pack contains one complete combo and a spare body

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