Maria Angel Kiss 140mm

Maria Angel Kiss 140mm

  • Length - 140mm
  • Weight - 27gm
  • Depth - 30cm - 60cm
  • Moving weight system for long casting
  • Attractive rolling action
  • Works well in choppy conditions
  • Through body wire for extra strength
  • 3 x Owner ST46 trebles
  • Made in Japan

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140mm - 27gm
The 140mm Angel Kiss is a long casting lure which has been designed by Maria for fishing in those testing conditions which often bring the bigger fish inshore. The moving weight system transfers the weight to the rear of the lure during casting so you can punch it out into the wind. On retrieve the weight moves forward to give the lure a strong wide wobbling action which is not effected by turbulent currents and swells. The slim profile also helps to maintain stability in the water and the lip is designed to keep the lure near to the surface where the bass often hunt for bait fish which have been disturbed by the rough conditions.
The 140 Angel Kiss has a through body wire construction for maximum strength and it is fitted with stainless split rings and 3 x Owner ST46 trebles.

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