Marukyu Power Isome - Large (11cm)

  • Large - 11cm
  • The no1 LRF bait
  • Taste and texture which fish cannot resist
  • Packed with Amino acids
  • Fish on jigs, dropshot or carolina rig
  • Can catch a huge range of fish
  • Long lasting, store in original packet or a sealed tub.
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Range of colours
  • 15 Worms per pack

5.99 (inc vat)

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The Marukyu Power Isome is an artificial ragworm which has taken the LRF world by storm. They have a very life like look and even though they small like something you would find in a sweet shop the fish go mad for them.
What sort of fish? Well anything it seems. Fish from decent bass down to micro gobies you have to look up on the net to identify have all fallen foul to the lure of Power Isome. One of our suppliers has been trialing them and in just a couple of months he has landed 17 different species.
Obviously LRF gear is 'the' way to present them and by mounting one on a mini jig, such as the Maria beakhead, you can impart some really realistic movement into the Power Isome. This combined with the weird scent, amino acids and the lures texture produce a combination which fish cannot resist.
LRF is possibly just the tip of the iceberg with this crazy 'bait'. Providing that there is a bit of tide to waft the Power Isome about then it has caught fish on ledger gear, floats and on baited spoons.
Marukyu Power Isome is 100% biodegradable and will not harm fish or the environment. It is supplied in sealed bags which contains a special liquid to keep the bait in perfect condition. Provided it is kept in the original packaging and liquid then it will last almost indefinitely and even used worms can be safely returned to the packaging to be used again.
15 worms per pack

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