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You can never take conditions by the sea for granted, it may be sunny, still and warm at home, but when you arrive on the coastline it is not uncommon for the weather to be entirely different. It is therefore important that you have a selection of fishing clothes available to combat the elements you may come across, to ensure you are comfortable and safe whilst fishing. After all fishing is for enjoyment not endurance.We stock a wide range of fishing clothing from leading suppliers like Guy Cotten, Vass, Daiwa, Sundridge and Imax. With fishing coats, hats, boots, waders and waterproofs to name a few of the types of products available. Please take a look and if you require further guidance on size please just drop us an e-mail or give us a call.

Boots (13)

Waders (18)

Floatation (3)

Waterproofs (44)

Fleeces, T-shirts & Hoodies (25)

Hats, Socks and Gloves (29)

Sunglasses (19)

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